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E. J. Davis Company offers a broad spectrum of OEM products to meet your company’s needs and specifications. We supply products that conform to Federal, Military, Coast Guard, NASA, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and ASTM standards. Whether you’re looking for a solution to protect against high temperature or to control sound, or you would like us to customize our insulation to fit your product needs, we share your passion for quality and consistency. We also offer our own EJD products for more specific applications.

OEM Insulation

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Thermal Applications

EJ Davis provides thermal insulation solutions for applications from as low as -300° F to over 2300° F.  Thermal Insulation products are available in boards, batt, roll or custom fabrication for your specific application.  Each insulation material has a temperature range for optimal performance.

  • Chimney Liners
  • Oven & Dryer Manufacturing
  • HVAC Industry
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Acoustical Applications

Our acoustical insulation products are often the core of an aesthetically pleasing office partition or sound-proof furnishing. We provide fabrication and distribution for major suppliers of sound reduction products that are preferred by architects and interior designers. We also provide acoustical products for industrial and commercial projects.

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Compressors & Portable Generators
  • Music Studios & Theaters
  • Office Partitions
E. J. Davis Company

EJ Davis Company Products

  • Window & Door Sill Seal Insulation
  • Sound stop curtains
  • Sound absorb curtains
  • 5’ Ductwrap

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The following is a list of the most common materials but does not represent our complete inventory.
If you do not see a material listed, please contact our OEM staff for availability.


Solimide foam

ThermoRange System insulation 2400x1600

ThermoRange System insulation (TRS series)

Thermal Insulating Wool RA Series 2400x1600

Thermal Insulating Wool

Microlite Standards

Microlite insulation

Granulated Wool

Industrial Granulated Wool 30# bags

Foamular insulation Type 703 & Type 705 2400x1

Type 703 and Type 705 board

EcoTouch Rotary duct liner 2400x1600

Quiet R Rotary duct liner

Thermafiber Industrial Felt insulation 2400x16

Thermafiber insulation


INSWOOL Ceramic Blanket

More thermal material options

Decrabrite | Tac Board | Maniglass | Lo Con Felt

Industrial weaving loom bundle rolls

EJD Windowrap

Our sill sealer offers superior resiliency, effective sound absorption, and excellent thermal properties. We have been fabricating our Windowrap for major window manufacturers for decades. Available in a variety of widths from 3” to 8” wide and thicknesses from ½” to 3”.

Sound Curtain

EJD Sound Stop Curtain

Flexible, light, and non-combustible, the EJD Sound Stop Curtain is a 2” thick, 48” wide specially treated piece of fiberglass blanket enveloped in a reinforced aluminum facing and fitted with grommets along the top edge. The sides are sealed with aluminum facing tape which is also sold separately so that multiple curtains can be taped together. Available in perforated and non-perforated aluminum facing. Made to order at the length you specify. All components are tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories.


EJD Ductwrap

Our Soft R Duct Wrap, with its flexible design that makes it easy and quick to install, is a blanket of fiberglass insulation laminated to an FRK vapor retarder facing which helps prevent duct condensation and increases thermal performance. A 2” stapling flange is provided along one edge. Each roll is 75’ long and available 2” or 3” thickness and in 60” or 48” width.